Covid-19 Update

March 25

The church office will be closed until further notice. Phone messages and emails are being monitored. If you are in need of assistance, please call 360-683-7373 or email


March 23

Until further notice, our Free Clothing through Community Services will be closed and we are no longer accepting donations at this time. If you have an emergency, please contact the church office at 360-683-7373 or 509-429-0490.



March 18, 2020

In an effort to protect the vulnerable people who live in our community, we are suspending all group gatherings in our facility through March 31. 

This includes

            Sabbath Worship Service and Sabbath School

            Children's programming including Pathfinders, Adventurers, Children's Church

            Community Services Clothing Pickup

            Church facility-based small groups and educational classes

            Governance meetings and Special Events

The Church Office will remain open during regular hours, and Jay can assist you there.


The Pastors will be available in the office and by appointment for personal visits and by phone or text for a call anytime. 

207-522-9831 for Mark;

207-449-0273 for Collette


If you need help, (for example, do you need groceries or medicine delivered?) please call the church office.  If you are available to help serve those in need, please call the church office so you can be added to our list of available volunteers.