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Sabbath school classes are the heartbeat of our church community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. The Class time begins at 9:30 a.m. Sabbath mornings. 
Find the right class for you from the options listed below:

Please go directly to the class of your choosing.


·   Study of Sabbath School Study Guides—

    Sanctuary:  Seeks to offer discussion with interesting questions and lively class response.  Teachers — Donna Bottgenbach and Daryl Trowbridge
    Sunroom (North, fellowship hall, parking lot side): This class studies together in a lively discussion format. Teachers—Dave Needham and LeRoy Byers
    Sunroom (South, fellowship hall):  This class studies the scriptures to learn how to apply them in our own lives. Participation by all is encouraged. Promotes “mission”            giving and contributes to the One-Day Church Project. Visitors are welcome.  Teachers — Duane & Marilyn Triplett, and Mary Thayne
     Choir Room:  A deep scripture-based discussion with acceptance of all viewpoints.  Teachers — Stelle Knauff, Jim Runkel, Iris Stober, and Bruce Winters. 
·   Young Adult and Young at Heart —  Fireside Room, fellowship hall:  This class emphasizes grace and acceptance. Each week, time is taken for prayer requests, sharing praises, and how   a persons life is doing. Participation is based on whatever level you are comfortable with. Purpose of the class is to  apply Bible principles to our lives and know Jesus better.   Teachers — Michael & Elizabeth Smith, Jeff Dawson, and  Jeramie O’Dell
·   Samaritan Class: The Samaritan Project is for curious agnostics, returning SDA's, and those of other faiths who enjoy a positive, interactive, and open- minded class in which to study the relevance and application of God's Word.  Teachers — Maureen & Roger Dowling  and Jesse O’Dell

There are five age-defined classes for children and youth ages 0-17:

·   Beginner: From newborn to 4 years old.

·   Kindergarten: Ages 4 to 7, or up through 1st grade.

·   Primary: Ages 7 to 10, or 2nd grade through 4th grade.

·   Junior: Ages 10 to 12, or 5th grade through 7th grade.

·   Earliteen/Youth: Ages 13 to 17, or 8th through 12th grade.